ITACA by Treccificio Borri, a passion that lasts from 50 years...

The “Treccificio Borri” ropery has been estabilished in the 1954 in Gaglianico by the founder Borri Adelchi, as an individual company. Since 1985 the management handed down to his sons Giorgio e Raffaele. At first, the production started with ropes for spinning, for industrial fishing and for mountain climbing; important expeditions such as ARARAT ‘66, AFGHAN ‘67 and TIERRA DEL FUEGO ‘69 used our ropes.

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The coming of new technologies in the machinery and above all the introduction of innovations in fibers, allowed “Treccificio Borri” to increase the production considerably, opening new markets with highly technical, special and technological articles.

Starting from the pure yarn we do the complete manufacturing of the final product, managing the correct twisting, the right balance between multiple cores where needed, the choice of the right material to give the requested strenght and so on, that's why we are able to develop full custom ropes.
Tenth's of machineries help us to absorb even big requests, allowing to produce immediatly what's needed.

Only first quality fibers are used for our production.
Main fibers we use are Polyester (High or Medium tenacity), Polyamide HT 6.6, Polypropilene, Kevlar®, Dyneema®, natural Hemp, Latex, Wool & Cotton.
With these different yarns we produce ropes, braids, double braids, elastic braids and nets, for various purposes. We supply for nautical, agricolture, fishing, sport, industries, technical equipment, wool treatment.

What can we do for you?


Fully custom

Wether you like your ropes fully colored, partially or special effects, whe are glad to follow you where possible.


Hi-End products

First quality yarns and the touch of the human hand to perform best quality products where high performance is needed.


Special supplies

Our R&D division is always available for new projects to meet special requests.