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Standard colors available.

Orange fluo

400 - SlackLine

Flat belt

Our reference article for the slackline.
Product with high tenacity polyester 100%, is perfect as Longline as the width of 35 mm. is the optimum.
On request, for Tricklining, we can produce it wider.
Supplied in any length is spliced on one end, and it can be supplied with ratchet tensioner for positioning.
Washable and resistant to chemicals, weathering and salt water.

All breaking loads and all other characteristics of resistance, strenght, durability refers to brand new products never used.
From your usage and manutention depends the lasting and the strenght of the rope.
Breaking loads are estimated by calculation of standard yarn and have a tolerance of ± 5%.


Dia. mm. 35.00

Breaking load not available.

Specific weight not available.

Std. packaging not set.


Main materials used

-> HT Polyester