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Square braid

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Standard colors available.


200Q-PA - Square braid

Square braid for wool washing

Special square braid of HT 6.6 Polyamide.
We are direct manufacturer of square braid since many years, and we make it with different fibers:
Cotton 100%, Nylon/Polyamid HT multifilament, Wool 50% + Nylon 50%, HT Polyester for dying.
Standard available sizes (mm.):
15x15, 20x20, 24x24, 26x26, 30x30, 36x36, 50x50, 55x55, 60x60, 65x65
Lengths on request.

Good for scouring machineries like Andar and Petrie McNaught.

All breaking loads and all other characteristics of resistance, strenght, durability refers to brand new products never used.
From your usage and manutention depends the lasting and the strenght of the rope.
Breaking loads are estimated by calculation of standard yarn and have a tolerance of ± 5%.


Main materials used

-> HT 6.6 Polyamide